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Driver Education

Driver Education

Sign up for BTW lessons:

This is for current driver education students ONLY

**Sign up for only ONE time slot each week.  

Be sure to show up for the BTW lessons, if not then other students also have to miss their lesson.  Driving instuctors can only drive with TWO students in the car and if one does not show up, then the other student misses out too. 

Week of Sept. 14-18th

Friday Sept. 18th:

Week of Sept. 21st- 25th

Monday Sept. 21st:

Tuesday Sept 22nd:

Wednesday Sept. 23rd:

Thursday Sept. 24th:

Friday Sept. 25th:


Week of Sept. 28th- Oct. 2nd

Monday Sept. 28th: 

Tuesday Sept. 29th :

Wednesday Sept. 30th :

Thursday Oct. 1st: 

Friday Oct. 2nd :

Week of Oct. 5th 9th 

Monday Oct. 5th:

Tuesday Oct. 6th:

Wednesday Oct. 7th:

Thursday Oct. 8th:

Friday Oct. 9th:

Week of Oct. 12th- 16th

Monday Oct. 12th:

Tuesday Oct. 13th:

Wednesday Oct. 14th:

Thursday Oct. 15th:

Friday Oct. 16th:

Week of Oct. 19th- 23rd

Monday Oct. 19th:

Tuesday Oct. 20th:

Wednesday Oct. 21st:

Thursday Oct. 22nd:

Friday Oct. 23rd:

Week of Oct. 26th-30th

Monday Oct. 26th:

Tuesday Oct. 27th:

Wednesday Oct. 28th:

Thursday Oct. 29th:

Friday Oct. 30th:

Any questions, please email 

More informaiton on lessons & safety of the BTW (behind the wheel) lessons.  



Department Chair- Lynette Bayer



John Darlington -Classroom instrustor, BTW instructor

Jim Walter -Classroom instrustor, BTW instructor

Jim Farber -BTW instructor

Tina Sunderland- Classroom instructor, BTW instructor

Bob Boryca- BTW instructor

John Kaufman- BTW instructor

Amanda Retzer- BTW instructor