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Driver Education

Driver Education


Summer Break Driving Information:

Students will start signing up 6:30am Wednesday May 15th and continue to during classes 

Room 195

Below are the session that will be offered for students to complete their BTW lessons during the summer.  This is ONLY for students that have finished the classroom portion (current sophomores and junior students that have not completed thier BTW lessons). There is not an additional cost for this. Students will sign up, bring a sheet home for a guardian signature and return it to a driver educaiton teacher to be secured the spot they signed up for.  If the confirmation sheet is not returned, the student's name is removed from the list and the slot opens up for another student to sign up for the slot.  Students only need to sign up a two hour slot for ONE session ONLY.  All lessons will be complted with in the session at the time slot the student signed up for.  When signing up for a session, the student will need to be available for all the days within the session to drive at the spefific time they are signed up for.  


Current open slots:

Session 1: June 6th – June 18th

* there are not any as of 5/30/19

Session 2: June 19th - June 30th

11am- 1pm (2 students);  3pm-5pm (1 student); 5pm-7pm;  7pm- 9pm (1 students)

Session 3: July 1st- July 14th

7am- 9am (1 students); 1pm-3pm (4 students); 3pm-5pm (2 students); 5pm-7pm (2 students)

Session 4 July 15th- July 28th

7am- 9am (1 students);  11am- 1pm (3 students); 1pm-3pm (1 students)

Session 5 July 29th – Aug. 9th

1pm-3pm (2 students); 3pm-5pm (2 students); 5pm-7pm (1 students)


Attention Parents/Guardians: Students that take Driver Education at a private facility can still take the course here at PNHS.  We cover motorcycle safety, train safety, distracted driving simulation and all the SAFETY/FIRST AID certification. The students will NOT be charged the $300 BTW fee, that is only for the behind the wheel instruction.  

Questions, please email Lynette Bayer at 

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Department Chair- Lynette Bayer



John Darlington -classroom instrustor, BTW instructor

George Marlin -classroom instrustor, BTW instructor

Jim Walter -classroom instrustor, BTW instructor

Jim Farber -BTW instructor

Tina Sunderland- BTW instructor

Bob Boryca- BTW instructor

John Kaufman- BTW instructor

Brad Klett- BTW instructor

Amanda Viece- BTW instructor


Why should you take driver education at Plainfield North?

Myth:  If you take driver education at a private facility, you will get more practice time.

Fact:  You will get 6 hours (12 lessons) of Behind the Wheel time taking driver education at PNHS.  The state then requires 50 hours of BTW with a parent/guardian. This is the same for both locations. At PNHS we cover motorcycle safety and train safety.  Our course also covers Safety/First Aid/AED training.  Students can get their CPR/AED certification through our course at PNHS

Myth:  Private facilities have teachers who are more experienced at teaching driving.

Fact:  At PNHS our teachers are very experienced. They either teach the driver education classroom portion or behind the wheel year round.  Many of our teachers also drive extra before/after school, on school breaks, and during the summer. We also provide motorcycle safety and train safety education during the classroom portion of Driver Education.  

Myth: The cost of attending driver education at a private facility is the same as at PNHS.

Fact:  The cost of attending driver education at a private facility is more expensive than at PNHS. PNHS cost is $300 and a $20 permit fee- which goes to the State of Illinois.

Other possible benefits:  No extra trips to the DMV, less driving and scheduling time for driving school (it is all right here at the school you are already at), Information delivered over a longer period of time and in more depth- hopefully developing a more experienced driver. 

The real question to ask is:

Why wouldn’t you take driver education at PNHS?

If you have questions, contact someone in the Physical Education/Driver Education office.