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How to Navigate Naviance

How to Navigate Naviance

Where do I log-in for Naviance?

To log-in to Naviance, click on this link.


I've lost/forgot my Naviance log-in information - how do I get this?

To regain access to your Naviance account, visit your school counselor or drop into the College & Career Center (Room 300).


If I have questions about something in Naviance, who should I ask?

With questions regarding Naviance, please make an appointment to visit with your school counselor or drop into the College & Career Center (Room 300).


What is a quick list of the steps I need to complete for the college application process?

  • Complete & turn in the Transcript Release Authorization Form to Student Services.
  • Log-in to Naviance and complete the Class of 2014 Recommendation/Scholarship Survey (under the "About Me" tab)
  • Link to Common App account (if you are applying via Common App)
  • Add schools to list of Colleges I'm Applying To in Naviance
  • Schedule a meeting with your counselor to discuss the colleges you're applying to, and ask any questions you have at this time.
  • Meet with teachers face-to-face to request letters of recommendation, and then follow-up with an electronic request via Naviance Work on completing college applications before the application deadline (varies per school).
  • Log-in to Naviance and request that your transcript is sent.**

**Note: Counselors cannot send out letters of recommendation or school reports until we receive a transcript request


How can I link my Naviance & Common App accounts?

If you would like, Naviance has video tutorial provided here:


First, go to the Common App website (, and create a Common App account. You must complete the education section before matching with Naviance. Then, log-in to Naviance, and click on the Colleges tab at the top. On the new screen, click on the Colleges I'm Applying To link. Enter the e-mail address you used to complete your Common App, and you account will be linked to Naviance (allowing counselors & teachers to send transcripts and letters of recommendation).


When will my transcript/school report/letter of recommendation be sent out?

Counselors cannot send out letters of recommendation or school reports, until we receive an electronic transcript request via Naviance. Also, counselors require that requests for transcripts/letters of recommendation be made at least 3 weeks prior to the college's deadline


How do I request transcripts for a college or scholarship?

After turning in the Transcript Release Authorization Form to Student Services, you will be able to request transcripts using Naviance. Once you have logged-in to Naviance: click on the Colleges tab - Click on transcripts on the lefthand side - select the college or scholarship request link - for college requests, lookup the name of the college and select the type - for scholarship or athletic request, complete the recipient information and indicate in the notes section if you need the transcript to be mailed or if the student will pick up the transcript.


I've been accepted to a college - should I request a final transcript?

Final transcripts are only sent once you have determined exactly what school you will be attending. Also, final transcripts will not be sent until the end of Senior year. As part of the graduation & college application process, you will complete a Senior Exit Survey on Naviance at the end of your Senior year, where you will indicate the school you would like your one final transcript sent.


How do I request transcripts for NCAA Clearing House? 

First, a student must create an account on the NCAA Eligibility Website. Next, the student must log-in to the NCAA Eligibility website, and request the transcript electronically through their site. Once completed, the student may add the request to their list of 'Colleges I'm Applying To' in Naviance and then the request will be able to be fulfilled.


How do I request transcripts for a coach who is recruiting me?

In Naviance - Click on the colleges tab - select Transcripts (on the left hand side) - Click on Request transcripts for scholarships or athletics - In the 'Other Notes' section you can indicate that you will pick up the transcript.


Can I ask teachers to only write letters of recommendation to specific schools?