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Harley Brook's Home Page

Harley Brook's Home Page

If you missed the meeting 2019-2020 Rhetoric students that covered summer work and textbooks, the infomration you need is in the PDF lined below. 

Summer Work and Textbooks — Rhetoric 2019-2020

Here's a quick rundown of what's in the file: 

  • Summer Work (assignment, deadlines, examples, help — pp. 1-4)
  • Textbook Information (required textbooks, purchasing notes — pp. 5)
  • Required Readings (part of summer work — pp. 7-111)

  1. All summer work must be typed and will be submitted to, a website that checks for cheating/plagiarism. Completed work is due by the end of the first day of school. Your teacher will provide Turnitin infomration during class. 
  2. Summer work and textbook requirements are the same for all students regardless of instructor.
  3. If you lose your printed copy you can download the file from this page; don't reprint it, the summer work can be completed without a hard copy. 

If you have questions about summer work or textbooks, contact Mr. Brook or Ms. Willis