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English II

Course Description:  English II is intended to advance students’ organizational, reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking skills. Students will analyze various works in different artistic mediums to evaluate how authors craft their prose to establish a purpose.  Through writing, students construct diverse writing products using complex materials and specialized sources to formulate a central idea, maintain a coherent focus, and elaborate with relevant research and/or examples. Through a variety of speaking situations, students will use formal academic English appropriate for a purpose. Additionally, students will gain skills in becoming a better reader, writer, and communicator.   


SEP 24
SEP 25
Chapter Five Reading Quiz
All Day

Chapter Five Reading and Study Guide Questions Due Today.

SEP 25
SEP 26
Reading Day
All Day

Chapter Six and Study Guide Questions Due on Thursday.

SEP 27
Chapter Six Reading Quiz
All Day

Turn in chapters 5 and 6 sutdy guide questions.

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