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General Information:

Period 4: This is a co-taught class. Mrs. Rife (Massoglia) & Mr. Derks are both in the room on a daily basis. Both of them can and should be utilized for extra help.

Period 5: This is not a co-taught class, just Mrs. Rife is in the room daily, but there is still daily time for students to ask questions and get extra help if needed.

Extra Help:

  • Mrs. Rife is available after school by appointment until 3:00, talk to her during class to set that up
  • MTV will run during the A portion of study halls - Room numbers and opening date TBA.

SpringBoard Digital Instructions:

  1. open google chrome (for some reason the program doesn't like to work with internet explorer)
  2. go to the following link: (also found under websites, to the left)
  3. Click on New to Springboard
  4. Enter Access Code LTWSGL
  5. Enter your name and create a password
  6. Write down your username and password

When you go to the link in the future, you will login with your username and password. See me if you forget either of them.