Advantage Program at North

The Advantage Program is designed to help students recover credits that have been failed previously, using an online platform called Edgeniuty.  You can access this program by visiting with a username and password.  Any student that has failed a course in the classroom, can make up his/her class during the regular school day in the student's schedule as one class period.  

The Initial Credit Advanage After-School Program is also available for students wanting to take: Government, OTB, or Economics for initial credit only. This is a $190 fee and these three courses are offered every semester after school to meet once a week for one hour.  The remainder of the time, outside of the one hour meeting, the student is needing to work independently to finish the course by final exam week.  All tests are taken in the classroom, but the remainder of the program is free for students to complete on their own. 

If you have further questions, please email me or stop by room 186.

Mrs. Hames