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PNHS Student Announcements

Plainfield North High School

April 19, 2021


ARK Daily Calm


A Cherokee Story About Mindfulness: The Wise Man and the Two Wolves

One evening the wisest of men,

Gathered together his children.

He said, “The battle of two wolves is inside us all, 

Whether we may be quite big or very small.


One wolf is angry: full of hate, meanness,

rage, disgust and weakness.

The other wolf is kind: full of joy, generosity, 

love, gratitude and curiosity. 


The children thought about it and then one grinned,

asking his father, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied,

“The one we feed inside.”


The story is simple but true,

There are two wolves in each of you.

Our thoughts feed the wolves each and every day,

Which wolf will you feed, and in what way?

We can choose to feed our kind wolf positivity,

or feed our mean wolf with toxic negativity.

So the question to always ask each day,

is “Which wolf will I feed today?”



2021 School Picture Schedule


Pictures will be taken during PE/Health/Dr. Ed class on the following days, according to the student’s teacher below. If a student is exempt from PE, they should prepare to have their picture taken during their study hall. Students who are remote learners can come in on either of those days from 11:30am-2:00pm.


Monday April 19th

  • Mr. Boryca
  • Ms. Gliwa
  • Ms. Reedy
  • Ms. Retzer

Tuesday April 20th

  • Mr. Bodi
  • Mr. Darlington
  • Ms. Sunderland
  • Mr. Walter

Senior Class


Attention Seniors:  The 2021 Senior Class will compose the Senior Slide Show to be displayed at the Senior Gala:  If you would like to submit photos for the senior slideshow please limit your submissions to 5 photos.  Deadline for submissions is Friday April 23rd.  Photos must be emailed to:  If you have any questions please reach out to Ms. Schlott:





Attention Seniors! For spirit week hall decorating, Student Council would like to create a mural of your pictures! Please bring 1-2 pictures of your choice (4x6 prints) of you and your favorite high school memory. Whether that be at a football game, at homecoming, practice for a sport, clubs, trips, or just you and your friends, bring them! They must be school appropriate.


Drop off your pictures at the main office by Monday 4/19 @ 2:00 in an envelope labeled with your name and “Senior Hallway.” 




Greek Club


Hey Tigers!  Join us for the next Greek Club meeting today Monday 4/19 on zoom @2pm.  We will be having a SCAVENGER HUNT!  All are welcome!

For more info, check out our Instagram @pnhsgreekclub and if you have any questions feel free to dm us or email!



Senior Ads


Now’s the time to purchase a senior ad.  Senior ads are $30 for a ¼ page. You may submit up to 3 pictures and a message of 100 characters or less. Messages will be edited if they go over this limit. Please act now as there is a limited number of ad spots available! Contact Mr. McKenna or Mr. Paymaster with any questions.






2020-2021 Yearbooks are available to order here:

Yearbook portraits will be taken for grades 9-11 with more information about scheduling coming soon. All students will be in the yearbook if they were photographed.


Yearbook order deadline is April 27!





Yearbook – Pictures


The yearbook staff needs your help! We need pictures to help make a great yearbook for this unique year. The yearbook team will be requesting pictures throughout second semester. Submitting pictures is your chance to contribute the content of the book!


We are currently looking for submissions of the following two topics:


  • Pictures of you working at your desk/workstation (select the People category after uploading)
  • Pictures of your unique desk/workstation (select the “Other” category after uploading)
  • Pictures of you training for sports at home while in quarantine (select the “Sports” category after uploading)


The link below will allow you to upload photos using Walsworth’s Community Upload feature. Use the access code below to upload pictures. Please contact Mr. McKenna or Mr. Paymaster with any questions.


Access code: 2021_PNHS_Tigers






Anyone interested is joining the Plainfield North Wrestling team needs to contact Coach Bodi via email:  All athletes are welcome as wrestling is a “No-Cut” Sport.  The official start of the season is today, April 19th.  Please register on 8to18 and have a current physical on file with the Athletic Department.

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