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Frequently Asked Questions about Springboard Mathematics


What is SpringBoard Math?  SpringBoard Math is designed by the College Board to lead students, lesson by lesson and course by course, to conceptual understanding and fluency in procedural skills.

What is the role of the student in the SpringBoard Math classroom?  Students will need to be an active participant in collaborative learning where they will use both mathematical terms and cooperative discussion techniques to learn the concepts. 

What is the role of the teacher in the SpringBoard Math classroom?  Teachers will introduce materials and act as a facilitator as students work in groups to “discover” the application of math topics.

Will assessments differ in SpringBoard Math? Students will continue to be assessed but these assessments may look a little different than in the past.  They will be tested using traditional multiple choice questions, in addition to open response questions which will assess their problem solving skills.

Will my child have math homework?  Your child will have math homework.  Expect to see them bring home their SpringBoard Math workbook, which contains daily lesson notes and practice problems. 

How can I help my child in math? Talk with your child about what they are doing in their math class.  Connect what they are learning to every-day life.  Talk to your child about the math activities and practice they do in class or may bring home. 

Where can I find more information about SpringBoard Math?

**Don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s classroom teacher!  This is new to us all and we are VERY excited about implementing our new curriculum this year.**



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