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Physical Education/Health

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Our Mission

To prepare our students with the knowledge and skills to maintain a life-long healthy life-style.

Courses offered: 

Freshmen Year: 
All freshmen at PNHS participate in a year-long course of physical education.  The focus of the course is to develop and maintain life-long fitness habits.
Freshmen Year:

Students will participate in a variety of activities. Twice a week will have a focus on fitness activities. 

Sophomore Year: 

Sophomores take a one-semester course of Health Education.  This includes studies of physical, mental, emotional, and social health. The other semester is Driver Education & Safety.  It will depend on the student's birthday as to if they are in first semester or second semester for these two courses.  

Junior & Senior Years:

Juniors and Seniors have a choice of activities to participate in each semester.  Electives include Adventure Challenge, Dance 1 or 2, Life Skills, Junior Skills for Healthy Living (advance health class), Recreational Activities, Sports Medicine, Team Sports, Weight Training, and Strength Performance

Twice a week the students will participate fitness activities. Heart rate monitors will be worn. 


PE Uniform Policy: There is not an official uniform that students have to wear.  Students must be dressed in athletic wear and follow the dress code for school for PE classes.  

Students must use a school (district) issued lock to lock up their belongings in the PE locker room- both during class and after class.  

When students are absent from PE class, they will need to make up participation points.  Students should talk to their PE teacher as to how they can do this.  




Lynette Bayer- Divisional Chair; Skills for Healthy Living (Advanced Health)

Greg Billo: Wellness; Team Sports 

Joby Bodi- Weight Training; Strength Performance (Advanced wight training); Wellness

Robert Boryca- Sports Medicine ; Wellness, BTW 

Kristin Drake- Health education & Wellness 

Callie Gliwa- Dance I; Dance II; Life Skills

Anthony Imbordino- Weight training; Team Sports 

Mike Kneip- Wellness instructor

Lukasz Majewski: Recreational Activities & Team Sports 

Robert Mattingly- Health Education; Wellness

Michaela Reedy- Wellness & Life Skills 

George Sam- PE Leadership; Wellness

Tina Sunderland- STARS leadership program; Driver Educcation, BTW 

Amanda Viece-  Life Skills; Health Education, Adventure Challenge 

James Walter- Driver Education, Early Bird Physical Education, BTW  

Any questions can be emailed to Lynette Bayer at 


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