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Researching and applying for scholarships takes a lot of time, but the time spent can definitely be worth it.  Below is a list of common places the College & Career Center recommends for scholarship searches.  


College-specific scholarships


Students should check with the colleges they are applying to for college-specific scholarships.  Sometimes a college application qualifies students for these scholarships, but an additional scholarship application may be required.  

For example, incoming Joliet Junior College (JJC) students can apply for scholarships funded by the JJC Foundation.  These scholarships address the needs of many different kinds of students and are awarded for various reasons, including academic standing, leadership, specialized talents, ethnic origin, financial need and many more.  

Students interested in applying can visit  Prior to applying for scholarships, students will need to apply to JJC in order to obtain a student identification number and JJC email address. 

Students can email questions to JJC's Scholarship Specialst, Kelly Baker, at kbaker@jjc.ecu


Local scholarships


The College & Career Center maintains a list of local scholarships in Naviance.  Scholarship information will also be posted on the local companies' or organizations' websites.  Check with the companies your parents work for, your orthodontist, your bank, etc. as sometimes they will provide scholarships.


Online scholarship searches


There are several online scholarship search services that can be helpful in identifying sources of aid for students who meet certain criteria, such as academic achievement, religious affiliation, ethnic or racial heritage, or proposed field of study. 

Here are links to some popular online scholarships search services listed on the Illinois Student Assistance Commission website:

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