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Frequently Asked Questions about the

Next Generation Science Standards


What are the Next Generation Science Standards?  The NGSS is a new set of Science Standards aimed specifically at getting students more involved in the “doing of science” during the learning of science. 

What is the role of the student in the NGSS classroom?  Students will be involved in more inquiry based learning where they will both generate questions about their learning and also develop models in the classroom to show their learning.  Their learning will be anchored by real life questions connected to science and they will, through inquiry based learning, engage in the doing of Science.

Will students be tested in Science? Students will continue to be assessed but these assessments may look a little different than in the past.  They will no longer only be tested using a traditional multiple choice test but will also be assessed during their learning through performance based assessments, formative assessment opportunities and by being involved in inquiry based learning.

Will my child have Science Homework?  Your child will have science homework, expect to see them bring home articles, or be online reading online articles, watch the news, read the newspaper or research a current topic specifically related to everything science that is around us every day.  Our goal is to have students become connected with science as a part of life versus an abstract idea applicable only to the science classroom.

How can I help my child in Science? Talk with your child about what they are doing in their Science classroom.  Connect what they are learning to every-day life.  Talk to your child about the science articles that they may bring home and talk to them about what they have read. 

Where can I find more information about the NGSS?  Check out some of the resources below for more information on the NGSS:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s classroom teacher!  This is new to us all and we are VERY excited about implementing our new curriculum this year.



FACULTY: Ginger Brest, Division Chair

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