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Cristian Larios | Choir Director
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Cristian Larios | Choir Director

Happy Quarantine Break! 

We miss you all so dearly. Like a lot. 

As you know before the state closed all schools, we were scheduled to do our placement auditions in school. At this time, we are scheduled to return to school on April 8th. In an effort to allow for more music making when we return we are moving to holding vocal placements online. Additionally, if we are being honest it is hard to say when we will actually return to school. The situation is ever changing and growing. We want to be proactive now to save us (the students, directors, families, and counselors) the headache later. Seniors need not apply, unless you want some feedback!

We know this might be new for some of you (and it's definitely new for us directors!) but we ask for your flexibility and stick-to-it-ed-ness at this time. 

On this form(<--- click here!), you will submit your student information and video recordings of your major scale and prepared piece (America the Beautiful). Please be thorough and clear when filling out this info. 

In addition, students must complete the "PNHS Choir Placements 2020" assignment on Sight-Reading Factory. Students may access this on their phones, tablets, or laptops. If a student forgot their password/log in please reach out to their instructor.

Doubler information is also requested here as well. 

All placements will NOT be taken for a grade, as teachers are not allowed to give graded work during this time. This is merely indicative of what choirs students will participate in next year. If a student cannot complete this process at this time please reach out. We will work with students as needed. 

Posted results: TBD

Northern Audition information is coming soon! (Also online)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!  

Good luck!

Mr. Larios

Ms. Barra

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