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Freshman Wellness

Freshman Wellness

Physical Education Department……Absence policy from PE class

If a student has an excused absence from physical education class, he or she has three options to make up that day’s twenty participation points:

**If some other written assignment, heart rate monitor or test was assigned that day, the student will need to make up that particular assessment or assignment.

First Option:

Participate in activity in the weight room after school starting at 2:30

  • Use the workout coupon and complete the workout that your teacher assigns.You will need to get a signature from the weight room supervisor. Then bring your copy of the workout coupon to the weight room with you on the day you go. Turn this form in to your PE teacher for make up of participaiton points in PE.

Second option:

Write an article review on a health or fitness-related topic:  

  • Summary must be 1 page in length
  • MUST be hand written
  • Must be in the student’s own words…if plagiarism is suspected, no credit will be given
  • The article needs to be attached. If that is not possible, then supply the source, author, date and page number
  • The article may come from a newspaper, magazine, or credible on-line site

Third option:

Attend a PNHS sporting event and report on the event…

  • The report must be one page in length
  • Include team names, several player’s names, and outcome of the contest
  • Include your observations on sportsmanship and teamwork
  • You may be an observer or a participant

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