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Mr. K. Smith's Home Page

A Note on Absences

I will do my best to attempt to keep everything on this page current.  This page should be a good resource for students who may have an occasional tardy or occasional absence from class.  Please understand, however, that there is absolutely no substitute to actually being an active participant in a classroom setting.  

Weekly Assignment Boards

In the "Documents" section of this page, you will find a file with my weekly "assignment board."  I will be adding to the same file over the course of the semester.  In other words, every week for the entire semester will be posted in the same file.  You will need to scroll through the weeks.  Please understand that I typically only do my lesson plan ONE week in advance, based on what we have covered and the students' level of understanding from the previous week.  I will still be posting the assignments on the front white board in my classroom, and this should be regarded as the most accurate source of information.  Students are still encouraged to take a photo of the assignment board on Monday when they arrive to class.  

Word of the Day

In the "Documents" section of this page you will find two files related to the Word of the Day.  The first document will contain all of the words from the first semester.  The second document will contain the word for the second semester.  They will be posted on Friday for the following week.  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT AT NO TIME WILL STUDENTS BE ABLE TO USE TYPED/PRINTED NOTES FOR WORD OF THE DAY ACTIVITIES.  These resources are only meant to assist students who may have missed an occasional word because of tardiness or being absent from school.  Students are ONLY permitted to use hand-written notes in their English Spiral Notebook.

Bell Work

In the "Documents" section of this page you will find two files pertaining to bell work. The first is a file containing the bell work from the first semester.  This includes all of the grammar notes the students were expected to take.  The second file contains the bell work for the second semester.  On Fridays before I leave for the weekend, I will post the bell work from the previous week.  This will help ensure that what I post is accurate in terms of what was actually accomplished in class during the week.  Occasionally, a situation occurs that requires that plans change in a moment's notice.  Grammar exercises that are part of daily bell work will not be posted here or in any other location.  The student will  need to see me upon his/her return to class.  This will help a student who has an occasional absence to update his/her notebook over the weekend.  Students are expected to maintain cumulative notes from the start of the year to its conclusion.  

2019-2020 Google Classroom Links

All the students were given the password and the opportunity to register for their individual classes in Google Classroom.  These links are provided as a "backup," just in case.  

English 1 - 1st Period - Google Classroom

English 1 - 2nd Period - Google Classroom

English 1 - 4th Period - Google Classroom

English 1 - 5th Period - Google Classroom

English 1 - 7th Period - Google Classroom

Homework/Late Work Policy

Typically all homework assignments are due at the START of class the following day.  Any assignment submitted at any point after that will be considered late.  Assignments that will ultimately be entered in the Coursework category will be accepted with a 50% penalty for lateness.  Ultimately, the number of points a student receives will be determined by his/her performance on the assignment.  Assignments that will ultimately be entered in the Assessments category will be accepted with a penalty of 10% per day.  

Class Materials

I will continue to provide each student with a copy of any materials that he/she may need for class.  If a student is absent, I will provide them with the materials upon his/her return.  If, however, a student loses or misplaces a document it will be entirely his or her responsibility to print another copy from Google Classroom.  

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