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Advanced Writing: Journalism I

Course Description:  This course is designed for students interested in journalism and developing their skills as writers.  Students study professional models as a way to learn the techniques of journalistic research and writing. The course will take a look at the contemporary media and explore the ethical and responsibility issues inherent in the press today.  Students will learn the fundamentals of news writing, feature writing, elementary copy reading and news style and will create numerous original stories utilizing varied structures and writing techniques. 

Additionally, it provides students hands-on experience in the process of producing a school newspaper.  Opportunities and activities in the course allow students to cultivate and practice the writing and editing skills necessary to design a newspaper, study the legal issues surrounding media production, and refine their writing skills to ensure accuracy and consistency in style.  This course is required for students who would like to continue in journalism II and possibly serve as editors of the school newspaper, The Prowler.  Being admitted into the Journalism I program does not guarantee acceptance into the Journalism II class.  This is determined by your performance in the current journalism class and by your application.  This course may be taken for elective credit only and does not count toward English credit for graduation.

Expect to spend a significant amount of time WRITING!



The goal of the course is to teach the following skills:

1. write well under pressure
2. gather information independently and organize it effectively
3. use desktop publishing equipment and software
4. interview effectively
5. work effectively with your peers
6. write a variety of newspaper formats
7. use design elements such as advertising design, page layout, and graphic design

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