Driver Education

Behind the Wheel Lessons:

Driver Education instructors are NOT allowed to drive with one student at a time. So, it is IMPERATIVE students show up for lessons when they are scheuled! Otherwise, it will cause other students' lesson completion being disrupted because of other students not showing up for lessons. 

Fees NEED to be paid in order to start driving lesons and be processed through to be approved for the state of Illinois! 

It is critical that students are gaining driving practice at home- the more hours of practice, the better the student driver!  Link to the 50 hour log sheet


Any questions: Please email Lynette Bayer  

Curriculum Night Parent Presentation for Dr. Ed.: 

Permit application study guide for 2023

Department Chair

Lynette Bayer

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What do I take with me to the DMV?

First-time Standard Issued Illinois Driver’s License/ID Card Applicant An applicant applying for a standard issued Illinois driver’s license/ID card for the first time is required to present documentation of the following:

  • Proof of date of birth;

  • Proof of Social Security number;

  • Proof of residency (one document); and

  • Proof of signature.

  • original permit

  • 50 hour log sheet

Here is a link to the complete Rules of the Road booklet

Refer to page 104 in the above link for proper documents to take for proof. 

**No copies are allowed & No expired documents are allowed