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Driver Education

Behind the Wheel Lessons:

Driver Education instructors are NOT allowed to drive with one student at a time.

So, it is IMPERATIVE students show up for lessons when they are scheuled! Otherwise it will cause other students' lesson completion being disrupted because of canceled lessons. 

Fees NEED to be paid in order to start driving lesons! 

It is critical that students are gaining driving practice at home- the more hours of practice, the better the student driver!  Link to the 50 hour log sheet:


Any questions: Please email Lynette Bayer at  

→Click here for: Parent Meeting Presentation

Permit application study guide for 2022: /documents/1618271249.pdf


Any questions, please email 


Department Chair- Lynette Bayer


John Darlington -Classroom instrustor, BTW instructor

Greg Billo- BTW instructor 

Jim Walter -Classroom instrustor, BTW instructor

Kristin Drake- BTW instructor 

Bob Boryca- BTW instructor

John Kaufman- BTW instructor

Lukasz Majewski-  Classroom instructor, BTW instructor

Amanda Retzer- BTW instructor





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