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Special Education


The Special Education Department at PNHS seeks to provide academic opportunities that foster development of confident students who acquire problem-solving and self-advocacy skills to become independent learners.

Name EXT Position
Stanley, Jason 4192 Special Education Administrator
McKeague, Shannon 7147 Department Chair
Kroll, Renee 3330 Secretary to Special Ed Administrator
Aldridge, Cindy 7200 Teacher / Special Ed 
Bulthuis, Lisa  7520 Teacher / Special Ed - Star Plus
Carbonneau, Kim 7514 Teacher / Special Ed
Carlson, Dawn 7683 Teacher / Special Ed
Cavazos, Amber 7055 Teacher / Special Ed
Cosentino, Adriano 8538 Teacher / Special Ed
Derks, Andrew 7681 Teacher / Special Ed
Donckers, Jennifer 7588 Voc Ed Coordinator
Eighner, Steve 7668 Teacher / Special Ed
Gessner, Kristen 7065 Teacher / Special Ed
Harvey, Jordan 7945 Teacher / Special Ed
Hebert, Alison 7738 Teacher / Special Ed - Star Plus
Kaster, Mark 8267 Teacher / Special Ed
Kaufman, John 7542 Teacher / Special Ed
Krahulik, Bob 7659 Teacher / Special Ed
Land, Aaron 1212 Teacher / Special Ed
Lindquist, Adam 9091 Teacher / Special Ed
Mcmenamin, Marie 7288 Teacher / Special Ed
Sauerwein, Katherine 6175 Teacher / Special Ed
Schmidt, Karin 6509 Teacher / Special Ed
St.Hilaire, Nicole 7835 Teacher / Special Ed
Twist, Anne 7723 Teacher / Special Ed - Star Plus
Bach, Sally 6142 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Betzwiser, Amie 7874 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Cavada, Celia 7809 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Creagh, Lenard 7617 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Fordyce, Kristie 7840 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Froelich, Misty 8268 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Kehl, Amy 6113 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Klosterman, Matt 9896 Special Ed Paraprofessional
Kunkle, Deb 7501 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Mills, Patricia 7486 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
O'Dell, Heidi 7458 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Partacz, Judith 7924 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Paymaster, Daniel 8380 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Sellars, Sara 7378 Special Ed Paraprofessional 
Hoffman, Mary 8715 Speech and Language Pathologist - Star Plus
Klemetson, Diana 6021 Psychologist
McGarr, Colleen 4196 Nurse - Star Plus
Navarro, Jacqueline 7787 Speech and Language Pathologist
Stirrett, Dawn 3324 Hearing Itinerant


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